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Colored Blocks Basket
Colored Blocks Basket
Chameleon Blue

Colored Blocks Basket

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This colorful woven bowl will bring a touch of spring or summer into your home. These basket bowls are created from natural sisal fibers woven over a core of indigenous grasses. The weavers begin in the middle of the bowl, carefully threading the sisal around and around to create this beautiful design - an artisan works on each bowl for 3-4 days. The artisan cooperatives who craft these baskets are survivors of the Rwandan genocide, now working together to make new lives for their families. These bowls are beautiful and practical, perfect for serving breads or fruit, holding keys or remotes, as a gift basket or wall decor. 
- Handcrafted in Rwanda
- 12" diameter
- Loop on back for hanging
- To clean, wipe with a dry cloth.