Sushila had an arranged marriage at the age of 15 and never attended school. She and her husband used to own a small shop, but they sold it when he was diagnosed with diabetes. About that time, Sushila found Aid Through Trade. She enjoys that she can earn money for her family while taking care of the house. All of her earnings go toward her husband's medicine and her children’s education.



Her dream is to see her daughter with a Bachelors or Masters degree. “My life has been hard, I want my children’s lives to be better.” Her son is currently working toward his BA in science, and her daughter is working on her BA in Commerce.

Mhotsi Arts

Mhotsi Arts is a co operative of twelve people,eight men and four women situated in Chitungwiza,a township 15 kilometers south of Harare in Zimbabwe. The cooperative was formed in 2004 to enable market access to the North American market. During recent years daily life for the artisans has become more difficult as exporting from Zimbabwe has become a challenge, to say the least.


Dina is a beautiful soul from Northeastern state of India - she has a gorgeous young girl and is a wonderful mama.  She works with pride in her stitching and smiles often. She continues to push herself to learn new things and is a leader in our community.  When she started working with JOYN she saw different people all from different culture and beliefs. She was so encouraged and felt accepted into this community immediately. She loves that she gets to celebrate all festivals with the community and she finds this very unique. Her daughter Johanna carries her same beauty. She also loves to play football and her favorite color is black. She dreams of seeing the whole world someday, as well as of building a house for her and her family.

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